What is The Whiteboard Club?


The Whiteboard Club (WBC) is a hands-on study group for experienced engineers, data scientists and academics from around the world with backgrounds in data analytics and machine learning who want to advance their knowledge in the rapidly growing field of Deep Learning.

AI is the new electricity.
— Andrew Ng, Former VP & Chief Scientist of Baidu; Co-Chairman and Co-Founder of Coursera

Our Mission


The goal of the Club is to bring together a group of thoughtful individuals who are interested in learning about Deep Learning techniques, yet don’t necessarily work on them on a day-to-day basis.  We aim to go beyond typical meet-ups consisting solely of speaker series and dive deep in the field, studying the theory presented in influential academic papers but also take time to work on coding projects in order to implement models on real-world problems.


How It Works


Each month the Club meets in New York City during the evening while the sessions are simultaneously broadcast globally.  We hope to work on roughly four topics per year, with each three month curriculum planned and moderated by members of the group.

The curriculums will look to cover topics in vision, speech/NLP, and deep reinforcement learning. Ultimately, however, the group will be able to collectively decide the direction to pursue based on the members’ interests

We understand that Club members are busy so the schedule is designed for a pace that maximizes participation. The curriculum will revolve around the three Club meetings during the quarter. Ahead of the first meeting, a seminal paper and supporting papers around a specific model or technique will be circulated to the group

  • The 1st meeting will be a moderated discussion around the paper, following which members will begin to focus on writing code to implement the model or technique
  • Following the 1st meeting there will be a two-month window to write code and implement learnings from the paper.  We’ll have a private Github repository for the Club and free GPU compute credits provided by our generous sponsor, Amazon Web Services
  • The 2nd meeting will not require any preparation and will feature a talk from a relevant speaker that can talk to the current curriculum's techniques.  We expect members to be focused on writing code during this period
  • The 3rd and final meeting of the quarterly curriculum will be a discussion of the coding approaches, challenges, and results found across the group

The Club experience is really meant to be about learning. Please note that no one will own the code produced by the group and that members will be encouraged to collaborate and to examine what others are working on and to try different approaches.  The goal is to get as many members as possible coding and implementing models.




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